Life's Objective

A literary career basically is a pursuit of acknowledgement and recognition. Once you earn those two, even the most mundane thing you do will be considered as work of arts.

Sitor Situmorang’s poetry, Malam Lebaran, (that only consists of a single line: "Bulan di atas kuburan") certainly has a philosophical value. But would a newbie poet get away with that had he’s the one who wrote that? Fuck no.

A couple of years ago, GM made Opera Tan Malaka which basically was a series of boring monologue in guise of a homage to the revolutionary leader. It had an intrinsic art value, of course, but would anybody who’s not GM get away with such a mind-boggling act? Unlikely.

And dont let me start with the likes of Jackson Pollock and others.

I think that’s my goal in life. To achieve a status where staccato fart that comes from my hairy bum is considered a product of art.